Children and Adolescents

Treating children and adolescents 7-17 years of age. Anxiety and OCD disorders.

It can be difficult to see your child struggling. Anxiety and OCD can distrupte the child's life and disrupt the family as well. Anxiety affects 1 in 8 children and if left untreated, children can often develop depression. The skills your child learns in therapy often will be used into adulthood. It is important that your child develops resilience so they will be prepared to overcome challenges in the future. Parents are an important part of the treatment process. Parents are taught skills to help the child on a daily basis. I believe that children should not be treated as small adults. Children have their own developmental needs that should be treated accordingly. Children have their own emotional language that deserves care and respect. Often children will resist coming to therapy because they are not sure what to expect. In most cases after one or two sessions your child will feel more comfortable.