Research Supported Therapy

Treatment is individualized and uses multiple therapies 

Body-focused repetitive behaviors are behaviors that include pulling hair, eybrows, eyelashes (Trichotillomania), and Excoriation disorder (skin picking ). Body Focused Repetitive Disorder are a set of complex behaviors that cause harm to the body and affect a person's self image. Often a person will engage in these behaviors without awareness or a person may use these behaviors to relieve anxiety.  Most individuals find these behaviors difficult to stop without treatment. Treatment for trichotillomania and other repetitive body focused disorders is individualized and goal oriented. Treatment includes a combination of habit reversal training, mindfulness, and acceptance and commitment therapy. Treatment can be individual therapy, or group therapy. This can be a distressing disorder. Therapy can also include reducing shame and improving well-bing. Other BFRBs include frequently cheek and lip biting, nail picking, scab eating, and other self-grooming-related behaviors

 BFRBs are among the most poorly understood, underdiagnosed, and untreated groups of disorders. Research suggests at least one out of 20 people has a BFRB